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Snowman Fine Motor Board

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The Fine Motor Snowman is a wonderful resource to use with your child to develop their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are movements which use the small muscles in the hand and wrist. This will help your child to build up the strength and muscle memory for using pencils to write.

The fine motor snowman doubles up as a ten frame. Each board has 10 holes which can be used for number recognition and recognising number bonds, number pairs e.g. 3+7=10

You can use a wide variety of objects to fill this fine motor board including chickpeas, felt balls and wooden balls. Children can use their hands or tongs to pick up loose parts to add to the board. 

It is made from solid beech wood and finished in a natural raw oil.

Dimensions: 19cm tall 13cm wide and 2cm thick

All our products are CE and UKCA tested.

Handmade in The United Kingdom

Please note: This listing is for the wooden snowman motor board, the beads and loose parts are not included. Adult supervision is required whenever children play with loose parts.