Our Company

Our Company 

humble children. is a UK based online boutique that makes it easy to shop small, stylish and sustainability-focused brands for baby, children, and women's clothing and accessories. We source clothing that is high quality, wears well and is cherished. 

Why Our Customers Love Us

Neutral, Timeless Styles: We stock products in colours and patterns that are stylish now and will be stylish in ten, even twenty years from now. We want our clothes to be passed down through generations. In particular we offer lots of boys' clothing and gender neutral options.

Product Quality: We work with brands that have a reputation for high quality. We know our products wear well and can be passed down for a second-hand life. 

Sustainability: Our clothing is made from fabrics like organic cotton, linen, and bamboo that are not just super soft but also good for the earth. We also use recyclable and biodegradable packaging. In the future we plan to launch a preloved program to give our clothes another life with another child. More information on sustainability can be found here.

Customer Service Excellence: Our customers come first in everything we do. We seek input from our customers on how we can improve their shopping experience, we offer many different and fast shipping options, and we reward our loyal customers with special offers. 

humble children our story

Our Story

My name is Petra and my son Oliver was born right before the pandemic started in 2020. Like many others, I found myself shopping for baby clothes online when retail stores were closed. Frustrated at the lack of modern and sustainable options (particularly for boys) as well as not being able to shop international brands easily, I decided to launch my own online baby and children's clothing shop.

Though we now reside in London, UK where Ollie was born, I was born and grew up in Canada, my background is Slovak and I've lived in 5 different countries. Being a pretty international person it's important to me to source brands from around the world. I'm always on the hunt for cute baby clothes made from small family businesses like our own and brands that put sustainability first.  

Our Name 

Like many parents, when our son was born we discussed all of our hopes and dreams for him. ⁠⁠
What will he grow up to be? ⁠⁠
Will he study business or science? ⁠⁠
Maybe he'll be creative and artistic?⁠⁠
Will he be extroverted or introverted?⁠⁠
Grow up to be tall or stay on the shorter side?⁠⁠
Will he have his mother's eyes or his dad's chin?⁠⁠
While we jokingly disagree on whether our tall genes mean he should be a career athlete or not, there is one thing we do agree on. Whatever he grows up to be, we hope he will be confident, but at the same time stay humble. We hope he is respectful to others and kind to the earth. ⁠⁠
This is how we found our name, Humble Children. This is how we started the #HumbleClub