Humble Children was founded and is operated with a sustainability-first mindset. Here's what that means to us: 


We spend a long time researching and hand-picking the brands we stock in our store. When we look for brands we want to find that we share similar values of finding the intersection between beautiful clothing and sustainable and ethical practices. We look for brands who are transparent about their businesses and how their clothing is made. We also love to support smaller, family owned brands just like ours!


We mainly stock clothing made of organic and natural fibres including linen, organic cotton and bamboo. Many of our items are GOTS certified or OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Our accessories like our sunglasses are made from recycled plastic.

Packaging & Shipping

All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. We aim to use the most environmentally conscious shipping option. 

Next Steps

We are always looking for new ways to build a more sustainable company. We have many exciting ideas in the works so sign up to our newsletter to always be in the loop!