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Number Tracing Board

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This Number Tracing Board is the perfect hands-on resource for your little ones. Your child can begin to recognize and learn numbers 1-10 carefully tracing them with their finger or using the tracing stick. It is reversible and on the back we have a ten frame. A ten frame is a great visual to help your child develop their counting skills, 1:1 number correspondence and place value.

Based on the Montessori self-directed, hands-on approach to learning, children will build up muscle memory in their hands for when they are ready to put pen to paper. By holding the tracing stick it will help them to develop their pencil grip. 

Made from solid beech wood and finished with a natural raw oil. The wooden tracing stick is made from beech dowel and is designed to be similar to that of a pencil to help your child develop their pencil grip.

Dimensions: 53cm long and 11.5cm wide
The beech wood dowel is 10cm long

Handmade in The United Kingdom

Please note: This product is a learning resource and it is not to be used as toy. Your child should always be supervised by an adult when using it.