Brand Ambassador Program

Do you love our shop and tell everyone you know about it? Well we appreciate you and would love you to be part of our Humble Club. We're launching our Brand Ambassador Program that would give you exclusive discounts as well as affiliate commission on purchases made through referrals. Here are the details: 

Ambassador Requirements: 

- Love our shop and our clothes! We are looking for people who are passionate about our brand and who we can build a solid relationship with. 

- Promotion of sustainable/slow/ethical fashion is important. We want to work with people who understand and support the sustainable fashion movement.

- Have a child aged 3 months to 4 years.

- A public Instagram account is a must, with a feed that features an aesthetic similar to ours (neutral, soft, organic). Follower count is not as important as authentic engagement which we will look for when considering applications. 

- UK or Europe based (we will look to extend to other countries in the future so keep your eyes open)


- 30% off your purchases for duration of the term and potential free gifted clothing

- 10% off unique referral discount code to share with followers 

- Potential of up to 10% affiliate commission on all purchases made using your unique referral discount code.

- You will need to provide photographs to be used by Humble Children on it's website and social media, as well as share on your public Instagram profile. 

- Trial term period of 3 months with potential to extend. You must be willing to sign a contract that adheres to the above terms. 


If the above sounds like you then please apply! Follower count is not as important as authentic engagement that we will look for when considering applications. 

The link to apply is below: 

Brand Ambassador Program Application